Barley Drink capsules for Essse Caffè Espresso System

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Barley Drink capsules for Essse Caffè Espresso System

The Barley capsules by Essse Caffè embody the essence of an ancient drink, loved for its intense aroma and its creamy and delicate consistency. This product is the result of in-depth research and a passion for well-being, offering a taste experience that can satisfy the most demanding taste buds.

Ideal for any moment of the day, from an invigorating break at work to a dessert after a meal, Essse Caffè's barley drink are your choice par excellence when you want to treat yourself to a moment of pleasure without compromise.

Soluble barley: A recipe for well-being

Through the use of soluble barley, Essse Caffè has created a perfect formula for those looking not only for a tasty but also healthy drink. Barley, known for its beneficial properties, becomes an ally of your daily well-being in capsules, offering you a healthy alternative to traditional espresso.

Its unique creaminess, combined with a velvety taste enriched by nuances of caramel and vanilla, makes barley espresso an ideal drink for any occasion, capable of offering you a break of true relaxation and satisfaction.

Buy with peace of mind on our Store

Purchasing Essse Caffè barley drink on our e-commerce site is a pleasant and safe experience. Every step, from product selection to checkout, has been designed to offer you maximum convenience and security.

Our priority is to guarantee you a peaceful purchase, with the certainty of receiving a superior quality drink at your home, ready to enrich your moments of break. Essse Caffè soluble barley capsules, compatible with the Espresso system, are the ideal solution for those who want an alternative to coffee that is healthy, creamy and intensely tasty at the same time.

Discover the pleasure of a cup of Barley in capsules Essse Caffè and let yourself be conquered by a drink that can be simultaneously energetic and delicate on the palate. This special blend of soluble barley is the ideal choice for all those who, even late in the evening, do not want to give up the comfort of a hot drink.

Thanks to its composition, Essse Caffè's barley espresso is an excellent relaxation companion, perfect for ending the day with sweetness and serenity.

  • Brand: Essse Caffè
  • System: Capsules for Essse Caffè Espresso System.
  • Blend: Fine selection of barley, for a rich taste and a unique creaminess.
  • Intensity: Balanced, to offer a sweet and enveloping drink, suitable for any moment of the day.
  • Features: Gluten-free and ideal for those looking for an alternative to traditional coffee.
  • Recommendations for use: Perfect as after a meal or for a relaxing break at any time, excellent both hot and cold.
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