Ristora Lactose Free Cappuccino in capsules compatible with Dolce Gusto, 10 pieces

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Lactose free and gluten free cappuccino in Ristora Capsules Compatible with Dolce Gusto, 10 pieces

The lactose-free and gluten-free cappuccino offers a tasty and healthy alternative for all those who wish to enjoy the pleasure of a high-quality cappuccino, without having to give it up for reasons for intolerance or dietary choice. Made with partially skimmed milk powder lactose free and gluten free and top-quality instant coffee, this product combines the tradition of the Italian cappuccino with the needs of a modern, health-conscious diet.

Thanks to the Ristora capsules compatible with Nescafè Dolce Gusto, it is possible to prepare a creamy drink in just a few moments, enriched by the right intensity of the coffee and the softness of the milk, gluten-free and naturally free of added sugars, maintaining only those naturally present in the milk.

The charm of cappuccino in capsules

These Dolce Gusto compatible capsules are designed to guarantee maximum convenience without compromising on quality. Each capsule is the result of careful research to obtain a cappuccino with an intense aroma and velvety foam, essential characteristics for lovers of this drink.

The technology of Ristora capsules ensures optimal preservation of the ingredients and a result that always meets expectations, for a coffee break that is a true ritual of pleasure.

Buy with confidence

Give yourself the luxury of a lactose-free cappuccino whenever you want, by ordering directly from our Ecommerce. The Ristora capsules allow you to always have a superior quality drink available, ready in less than a minute and perfect for any moment of the day.

Purchasing on our site is easy, fast and safe, with a guarantee of punctual delivery and the certainty of a product that respects your dietary needs and your desire to enjoy an excellent cappuccino, always as fresh as if it had just been made.< /p>

  • Brand: Ristora
  • System: Capsules compatible with Nescafè Dolce Gusto machines
  • Ingredients: Lactose-free powdered semi-skimmed milk*, instant coffee. Gluten-free.
    * less than 0.1 g/100 g. of product. The product contains glucose and galactose as a result of the breakdown of lactose.
    ** Naturally contains sugars deriving from milk.
  • Intensity: A balanced blend that guarantees the full flavor of cappuccino with the lightness of lactose-free milk.
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