Coffee scoops and sugar kit, Saida Gusto Espresso, 100 pieces

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Coffee kit, glasses, spoons and sugar by Saida Gusto Espresso

The coffee kit, glasses, stirrers and sugar consisting of 100 pieces by Saida Gusto Espresso represents the essence of a high quality coffee tasting. Each element of this kit has been designed to guarantee you an unforgettable experience, which combines tradition and respect for the environment.

The prestige of the Saida brand

When you choose a Saida caffè product, you are not simply choosing a coffee, but you are immersing yourself in a tradition of excellence. With the sugar scoops and glasses kit, every cup of coffee becomes a ritual to be experienced with pleasure and awareness. Saida Gusto Espresso's reputation in the world of coffee is synonymous with quality and passion.

Kit details

  • 100 sachets of extrafine sugar: for a natural sweetness without altering the authentic taste of the coffee.
  • 100 European wooden scoops: respecting European food standards and with an ergonomic design.
  • 100 Paper cups: ecological and with an elegant design, they represent the ideal solution for serving coffee.

Compatibility and versatility

The kit is designed to be versatile. Whether you are a lover of coffee pods, instant drinks or capsules of various types, this kit fits perfectly. Saida brand products are designed to guarantee optimal tasting, regardless of the preparation system you prefer.

An extra touch for every occasion

The coffee cups, stirrers and sugar kit is not just a set of accessories, but a real touch of class that elevates every coffee break. Its elegance and practicality make it ideal for both special occasions and everyday life.

The world of coffee has found a reliable and classy partner in Saida Gusto Espresso. The combination of quality, tradition and attention to detail makes each Saida product one of a kind. And with the competitive price, the value offered is truly unmissable.

Don't wait any longer. Immerse yourself in the coffee experience with the coffee cups, stirrers and sugar kit and make every cup a special moment. Buy now from Saida Gusto Espresso and let yourself be won over by the quality!

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