Bialetti capsules Espresso Napoli, pack of 128 pieces

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Bialetti Capsules Espresso Napoli, pack of 128 Capsules

Immerse yourself in the authentic Neapolitan tradition with Bialetti capsules, the beating heart of Italian coffee art. These capsules are the result of a meticulous selection, dedicated to those who do not want to give up the quality and intensity of a true Italian espresso, prepared with the same care and passion that you would find in a café in Naples.

Espresso Napoli: a unique experience

The Napoli espresso blend contained in these capsules is characterized by a dark roast, which gives the coffee a deep body and a rich, enveloping flavour. With the capsules for Bialetti coffee machines, every sip is a tribute to the city of Naples, offering you a dense and full-bodied espresso, with toasted notes and a delicate cocoa aftertaste, symbol of a daily ritual full of history and culture.

Buy with confidence

Purchasing Bialetti coffee capsules on our Ecommerce means choosing the quality and reliability of a historic brand, guaranteeing you a safe and satisfying purchasing experience. Each pack, made up of 128 100% recyclable aluminum capsules, ensures the freshness of the coffee at all times, as if it had been freshly ground.

The convenience of our online purchasing system, combined with the speed of delivery, makes the experience even more rewarding, allowing you to enjoy the intensity of your Napoli espresso without waiting.

  • Brand: Bialetti
  • System: Capsules for Bialetti coffee machines, designed to enhance every nuance of the coffee, keeping the aroma intact and guaranteeing an always perfect result in the cup .
  • Blend: A fine selection of coffees, carefully roasted to offer an espresso with an intense and full-bodied flavour, with toasted notes and light hints of cocoa.
  • Intensity: high, an ideal choice for those who want to start the day with energy or treat themselves to a break of pure pleasure.
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