Toda Caffè Capsules Compatible with Uno System, Gusto Ricco blend

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Toda Caffè Capsules Compatible with Uno System, Rich Taste Blend

The Gusto Ricco blend by Toda Caffè is a perfect combination of coffees selected from Central and South America, India and Africa. This blend, created for coffee lovers who desire a full-bodied and vigorous espresso, offers a unique taste experience thanks to its rich composition and careful roasting which enhances its flavour.

Rich and Enveloping Sensory Experience

The capsules compatible with Uno System, Gusto Ricco blend have been developed to satisfy the most demanding palates. The combination of selected robustas and arabicas offers an espresso with an intensely rich and harmonious flavour, with sweet and velvety notes that leave a persistent and pleasant aftertaste.

The practicality of the capsules compatible with Uno System combines with the superior quality of the Gusto Ricco blend, making every coffee moment an experience of pure pleasure. Each capsule is a guarantee of consistency in taste and quality, ensuring a perfect espresso every time.

Quality and Tradition in Every Capsule

The Gusto Ricco blend by Toda Caffè reflects the passion and art of Italian roasting, guaranteeing an espresso that satisfies both in terms of intensity and creaminess. The innovation of the Uno System compatible capsules combines with the tradition of the best selection of coffee, for a result that excites from the first sip.

  • Brand: Caffè Gattopardo - Toda
  • System: Capsules compatible with Uno System machines
  • Blend: Gusto Ricco - selection of fine coffees for an intense and velvety flavour
  • Intensity: High, for a rich and energetic coffee

Discover the authentic taste and unmistakable quality of the Toda Gusto Ricco blend capsules, now available on Saida Gusto Espresso. Combine the convenience of an online purchase with the certainty of a coffee that rediscovers the excellence of true Italian espresso. Buy today to turn every coffee break into a memorable experience.

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