Gimoka coffee capsules, Gran Festa blend in 32mm format

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Gimoka coffee capsules, Gran Festa blend in 32mm format

The Gimoka Gran Festa coffee capsules embody the excellence of true Italian espresso, offering an unprecedented tasting experience. A perfect blend of Arabica and Robusta gives each sip a rich and full flavour, making it ideal at any time of the day.

These capsules, designed for those who want a creamy, aromatic espresso with a velvety taste, represent the ideal choice to give a pleasant taste to every coffee break.

Gimoka Gran Festa: Unparalleled Flavor and Aroma

The Gran Festa blend stands out for its superior quality, the result of a meticulous selection of ingredients. The harmonious combination between the Arabica and Robusta coffee varieties translates into an espresso with a balanced body, exemplary creaminess and a persistent aftertaste that leaves its mark.

Thanks to the advanced technology of the gimoka 32mm capsules, each cup preserves the soft and delicate aroma of the blend, guaranteeing unaltered freshness from opening the package to the last sip.

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Purchasing Gimoka Gran Festa capsules on our Ecommerce means choosing convenience without sacrificing quality. Every step, from scrolling through products to checkout, is optimized to offer you a pleasant, safe and smooth shopping experience.

Designed for Gimoka's D32mm system, including prestigious models such as Mokona and Tazzona Bialetti until 2009, this blend brings the excellence of Italian espresso into your kitchen. Choose our range, and be surprised by the speed of delivery and the reliability of our customer service.

  • Brand: Gimoka
  • System: Capsules for the Gimoka D32mm system, compatible with Mokona and Tazzona Bialetti machines up to the 2009 model, ensuring wide accessibility and ease of 'use.
  • Ingredients: An exclusive selection of Arabica and Robusta coffees, for a rich and enveloping tasting experience.
  • Intensity: A perfect balance between strength and softness, ideal for those seeking the true flavor of Italian espresso at home.
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