Fiasconaro Classic Colomba Cake, covered with icing and almonds, 1Kg

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Fiasconaro Classic Colomba cake, 1Kg

The classic colomba cake by Fiasconaro represents the excellence of artisanal Easter pastry making, offering a high-quality tasting experience that blends tradition and innovation. This product, symbol of the Easter holiday, is enriched with fresh orange candied fruit and covered with a fine glaze enriched with selected Avola almonds. The care in the selection of ingredients, combined with the craftsmanship with which each colomba is wrapped manually, reflects Fiasconaro's commitment to creating unique desserts.

The use of top quality island ingredients gives the classic colomba cake an unmistakable flavor profile. The slow leavening, which lasts for thirty-six hours, is essential to obtain a soft texture and a fragrance that only artisanal desserts can have, respecting the confectionery traditions of the Madonie.

Selected ingredients for a unique dessert

The traditional easter bread stands out for its exclusive composition which uses only the best of Sicilian production. Each natural ingredient is chosen through a rigorous process that ensures only the highest quality, making each dove a true treasure of flavours. This attention to detail not only guarantees an excellent final product but also celebrates the richness and biodiversity of the island of Sicily.

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We guarantee fast and reliable shipping to ensure that the Fiasconaro traditional easter bread, carefully packaged to preserve its integrity, arrives directly at your home in time for the Easter celebrations. Choosing our colomba means opting for a product that combines quality, tradition and the art of Sicilian pastry making.

This traditional easter bread Fiasconaro is more than a simple Easter dessert; it is an emblem of quality and craftsmanship that brings the true flavors of Sicily to your table.


Soft wheat flour, fresh candied orange peel (17%) (orange peel, sugar, concentrated lemon juice), icing (12%) (sugar, fresh egg white, rice flour, kernel flour , modified starch, flavourings), butter, sugar, fresh eggs, yolk from fresh eggs, natural yeast (contains wheat flour), granulated sugar (3%), Sicilian almonds (Amygdalus communis L.)(2%), “Marsala DOP wine”, Sicilian honey, inverted sugar, orange puree, emulsifier: mono and diglycerides of fatty acids, cocoa butter, skimmed milk powder, salt, natural vanilla flavouring. May contain traces of other nuts and soya.

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