Covim capsules compatible with Lavazza Espresso Point, Gold Arabica blend

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Covim Coffee Capsules Compatible with Espresso Point, Gold Arabica blend

The covim Gold Arabica blend capsules represent a real tribute to the tradition of Italian espresso, perfectly compatible with Lavazza Espresso Point machines. These capsules combine the aroma and intensity of a highly prized 100% Arabica blend, selected to give a superlative tasting experience.

The care in the selection of coffee beans and the rigorous quality control translate into an espresso with an inebriating aroma, capable of awakening the senses with its rich creaminess and balanced flavour, embellished with notes of tropical wood.

The essence of the Gold Arabica blend

The Gold Arabica blend is the result of a careful selection of Arabica coffee, known for its fine aroma and intense, yet balanced flavour. This exclusive blend, composed of 100% Arabica, offers a superior quality coffee, with a marked aroma, furthermore its acidity is pleasant and balanced.

Each capsule is individually sealed in a controlled atmosphere to preserve the unique aroma and guarantee uncompromising freshness, making each espresso a unique moment of pure pleasure.

Buy conveniently and safely

On our Ecommerce, purchasing the Covim compatible capsules Gold Arabica blend means choosing the best for your palate, with the convenience of a click. We offer an exclusive selection of capsules compatible with Espresso Point, designed to satisfy the desires of the most demanding coffee lovers.

The purchasing process is simple, quick and safe, with the guarantee of receiving the highest quality products directly to your home, to savor the authentic taste of Italian espresso whenever you want.

  • Brand: Covim Caffè
  • System: Compatible with Lavazza Espresso Point machines, for an always perfect espresso.
  • Blend: Gold Arabica, an exclusive selection of 100% Arabica, for a coffee with an intense and enveloping aroma.
  • Intensity: Balanced, for a rich and aromatic espresso, capable of offering a charge of energy and flavour.
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