Deo Mix Evo Plus 4 in 1 Spray Degreaser 480 ml

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Deo Mix Evo Plus 4 in 1  Spray Degreaser 480 ml: a Revolution in Domestic Cleaning

Discover the innovative spray degreaser Deo Mix Evo Plus 4 in 1, the perfect ally for an always shining and fragrant home. This unique product stands out for its versatility and effectiveness, offering a complete solution for cleaning and maintaining your surfaces.

  • DEGREASES and cleanses deeply.
  • PERFUMES the environment thanks to the graduated release of microcapsules, guaranteeing a persistence of 24/48 hours.
  • POLISHES furniture, doors and tables, thanks to the mix of alcohol.
  • HYGIENIZES surfaces leaving a clean finish that will surprise you.

The best kitchen degreaser

The Deo Mix Evo Plus is ideal for those looking for the best kitchen degreaser. Its powerful yet gentle formula easily removes dirt and grease, leaving surfaces spotless and shiny. Furthermore, its pleasant scent creates a welcoming and relaxing environment in every corner of your home.

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By purchasing on our Ecommerce, we guarantee a safe and satisfying shopping experience. The checkout process is quick and easy, with fast deliveries so you don't have to wait. Deo Mix Evo Plus is the perfect choice for those looking for efficiency and quality in a single product. This scented degreaser not only leaves a pleasant and long-lasting aroma in the environment, but is also ideal as a wood degreaser, gently cleaning and polishing surfaces and furniture without damaging them.

Its four main functions include: degreasing and cleansing deeply, perfuming the environment with a persistence of 24/48 hours, polishing furniture, doors and tables thanks to the alcohol mix, and sanitizing surfaces leaving a surprising cleanliness.


Once or twice spray on surfaces or on a damp cloth.

Instructions for use:

Turn the spray nozzle to the ON position. Spray the product into the damp cloth or directly onto the washable surface. Turn the spray nozzle to the OFF position.

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