Deo Mix My Pet Air Freshener 450 ml

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Deo Mix My Pet Air Freshener 450ml

Discover innovation in home hygiene with Deo Mix My Pet Perfumer, the perfect companion for anyone with pets. This exclusive formula not only effectively neutralizes bad odors, but also leaves a pleasant and long-lasting aroma, making your home an oasis of freshness and cleanliness.

It is sufficient to apply it by spraying it once or twice on carpets, textile furnishings, curtains, and other similar surfaces.

This excellent pet perfumer is available in 3 fragrances:

  • Deo Mix My Pet Blue Fresh
  • Deo Mix My Pet Fresh Pine Petals
  • Deo Mix My Pet Peony Petals

Perfumer for Pets

The pet air freshener Deo Mix My Pet is an excellent choice for keeping your home environment fresh and inviting. Its innovative formula gently sanitizes fabrics, restoring purity to the fibers and creating a healthy and safe environment for your beloved pets.

Home Air Freshener with Animals

Deo Mix My Pet stands out as the best dog air freshener, for cats and for pets in general. Perfect for those looking for a air freshener for dogs or cats, it is a product that respects the specific needs of a home with animals, ensuring a fresh and clean atmosphere every day.

Buy conveniently and safely

On our Ecommerce, purchasing Deo Mix My Pet Perfumer is an easy and safe experience. We guarantee a stress-free purchase process, with the certainty of quickly receiving one of the most effective animal air fresheners on the market. The freshness of your home is just one click away!

Instructions for use

TWO-PHASE FORMULA, SHAKE WELL BEFORE USE. Turn the nozzle to the ON position. To perfume and remove bad odors: Shake and spray at a distance of at least 40cm on curtains, doormats, carpets, upholstery. After use, turn the spout to the OFF position


One spray on curtains and doormats for approximately every 10sm of space to be treated.

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