Lavazza Espresso Point Compatible Capsules, by Lollo Caffè, Decaf Blend

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Lollo Caffè Capsules: The Art of Decaffeinated Coffee for True Connoisseurs

Lollo Caffè Decaf Blend capsules are much more than just decaffeinated coffee. They offer a unique experience, the result of the expertise of a brand that has made quality its banner. These capsules are specially designed to be compatible with Espresso Point machines, allowing you to enjoy true Italian espresso coffee, directly in the comfort of your home or office.

Why choose Lollo Caffè Dek Blend Capsules?

When we talk about decaffeinated coffee, we often think of an inferior product. Nothing could be further from the truth with the Lavazza Espresso Point compatible capsules from Lollo Caffè. This decaffeinated blend of Robusta is a triumph of aroma and flavour, ideal for those who want a less intense coffee without sacrificing flavour.

A Unique Experience for Your Senses

With Espresso Point capsules, every cup becomes a journey through the nuances of decaffeinated coffee. The perfect balance and finely calibrated roasting make this coffee the ideal companion for your daily breaks or for a light end to the meal.

Technical Product Details

  • Brand: Lollo Caffè
  • System: Lavazza Espresso Point compatible
  • Blend: Robusta decaffeinated
  • Intensity: Medium-low

We reiterate the invitation: discover the magic of Lollo Caffè decaf blend capsules. The goodness of the product, combined with the convenience of the price, make this offer an intelligent choice for all lovers of good coffee. Order now and enjoy the best of Italian coffee, directly from Saida Gusto Espresso.

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