Faber Slot Plast coffee machine with + 200 Saida Orange Crema Pods

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Faber Slot Plast espresso machine + 200 Saida Orange Crema pods

The Faber Slot Plast stands out in the panorama of coffee machines for its innovative design, which masterfully blends elegance and the most modern technologies.

Created to meet both domestic and professional needs, it integrates harmoniously into any type of environment thanks to an extremely varied color palette. From the elegance of classic tones to the more lively ones, the Slot Plast is the perfect solution for those who wish to combine style and taste in the design of their spaces.

You will also find 200 Saida Orage Crema pods, which make this coffee machine a real bargain!

Technical specifications of Faber Slot Plast coffee machine

Known for the excellent quality of the coffee it produces, the Faber Slot Plast espresso machine uses a cutting-edge extraction system. Equipped with an aluminum exchanger with brass torpedo and Delrin pod presser, it ensures a constant water temperature between 95° and 98°, ideal for a perfect espresso coffee.

A powerful 16 BAR pump facilitates flawless extraction, while the 1.4 liter tank simplifies daily use. Its compact size and intuitive design make it an elegant complement to any space.

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By purchasing your Faber coffee machine through our Ecommerce, you are choosing not only an excellent product but also the peace of mind of a peaceful and protected purchase.

The purchase process, simple and safe, allows you to easily select the Faber Slot Plast model you prefer, guaranteeing rapid delivery and attentive after-sales service, for complete satisfaction. complete.

  • Brand: Faber
  • Type of coffee that can be used: Ese 44 pods
  • Dimensions: Width 21 cm - Depth 32 cm - Height 35 cm - Weight approximately 5 kg
  • Exchanger: in aluminum with brass torpedo
  • Press pod: in Delrin
  • Fixed thermoregulator: 95°/98°
  • PET tank capacity: 1.4 lt
  • Power supply: 220v. – 50hz
  • Pump: 16 BAR
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