Deo Mix Scented Crystals for vacuum cleaners 500 gr

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Scented Crystals for Vacuum Cleaners Deo Mix 500gr

Discover the secret of an always fresh and fragrant home with the scented crystals for vacuum cleaners Deo Mix. This innovation transforms the simple act of cleaning into a sensorial experience, releasing an intense and long-lasting scent that neutralizes unpleasant odors and purifies the air in your home.

Crystals for vacuum cleaners: a touch of freshness

With the Crystals for vacuum cleaners Deo Mix, every corner of the house will release freshness and cleanliness. Easy to use and incredibly effective, these crystals are the perfect ally for:

  • Neutralize and purify the air from bacteria that cause bad odors.
  • Intensely perfume rooms, drawers and wardrobes.
  • Fight smoke odors in ashtrays, ensuring a pleasant atmosphere.

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On our e-commerce, purchasing scented crystals for vacuum cleaners Deo Mix is simple and safe. We guarantee an intuitive checkout process, secure payments and fast deliveries, to ensure the best possible service. Transform your cleaning routine into a unique experience and let the inebriating scent of Deo Mix invade every space of your home.

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Instructions for use

With a vacuum cleaner or crumb vacuum cleaner: pour 50 g of granules on the floor. Aspirate the product and continue with the aspiration to perfume the environment. In drawers and cupboards: pour 50g of granules inside drawers and cupboards, taking care not to let them come into contact with clothing or delicate parts. In ashtrays: pour 30g of product inside the ashtray to combat the smell of smoke.< /p>


Use 50 g (almost a coffee glass) for each work cycle with the handheld vacuum cleaner. 50gr for drawers and cabinets. 30 g inside the ashtray

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