Deo Mix Linen Perfumer for Dryer 100 ml

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Deo Mix Linen Perfumer for dryer, 100ml, various fragrances

Discover the magic of perfumer laundry for dryers Deo Mix, 100ml. A revolutionary product that transforms every drying cycle into a unique sensorial experience, thanks to its high-yield two-phase formula and its delicately selected fragrances.

Deo Mix Casa: The Essence of Fresh

Deo Mix Casa offers an unprecedented olfactory experience. With the essence of talc and ferns, it transports your senses to a dewy garden. This is why you should choose our linen scent:

  • High yield, for a scent that envelops and persists.
  • Specifically formulated for dryers, ensuring maximum effectiveness.
  • Guarantees a clean, fresh and intense smell on every garment.

Discover all the essences available:

Deo mix perfumer linen dryer with fern and talc 100 ml fresh with dew

With a talc and fern essence scent for a fresh, clean scent.

Deo mix perfumer laundry dryer peony petals 100 ml elegant and delicate

With a scent of Peony Petal essence.

Deo mix perfumer linen dryer water flowers 100 ml fresh with dew

With a delicate scent of Water Flower essence.

Deo mix perfumer laundry dryer fresh with dew 100 ml elegant and delicate

With a scent of Fresco di Rugiada essence.

Buy with confidence

With Deo Mix, purchasing on our e-commerce is a pleasant and safe experience. We guarantee intuitive navigation, a secure payment process and fast delivery directly to your door. Our dryer linen scent represents not just a purchase, but a real investment in the quality of your daily life. Make every drying cycle a moment of pure pleasure with Deo Mix, and let yourself be enveloped by the freshness and intensity of our fragrances.


One measuring cap for every 4kg of laundry


Pour the product into the measuring cap. Pour the contents into the odor releasing sphere. Place the ball in the dryer together with the items to be dried.

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