Covim Coffee Pods, Gold Arabica blend in Ese 44 format

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Covim coffee pods, Gold Arabica blend in Ese 44 format

Immerse yourself in the exclusivity of Covim coffee pods, Gold Arabica blend in Ese 44 format, where every sip is a celebration of aroma and quality. This premium selection from Covim has been carefully created for coffee connoisseurs seeking an unparalleled sensory experience.

The Gold Arabica blend stands out for its great aromaticity, an inebriating and intense aroma, accompanied by a pleasant and well-balanced acidity, characteristics that define an espresso for true connoisseurs.

Exaltation of the aroma with the Gold Arabica Blend

The Gold Arabica blend is the result of a selection of coffees of different origins, carefully selected, roasted and blended to guarantee an espresso with an intense and balanced flavour.

Each pod, pre-packaged individually, contains 7 grams of ground coffee, pressed and hermetically sealed between two layers of filter paper, to preserve the integrity of the aroma and guarantee a freshness that is perceived at every tasting. The result is a coffee with a rich and persistent aroma, which satisfies the desire for a true Italian espresso, creamy and enveloping.

Buy with confidence

Our Ecommerce makes the purchase of ese 44 pods a simple and safe experience. We offer the prestigious Gold Arabica blend of Covim, guaranteeing an intuitive selection and purchasing process, with the utmost attention to payment security and speed of delivery.

Our priority is to ensure that every customer can enjoy the superior quality of Covim coffee pods comfortably at home, with the certainty of receiving a product that reflects the high standards of the brand.

  • Brand: Covim Caffè
  • System: Pods for machines compatible with the Ese 44 format, ideal for those who want a barista-quality coffee experience at home.
  • Blend: Gold Arabica, selection of fine Arabica coffees for an aromatic espresso, with an intense aroma and balanced acidity.
  • Intensity: Perfectly balanced, offering a creamy, full-bodied and intensely aromatic coffee, suitable for lovers of Italian espresso.
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Coffee SystemESE 44

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