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Covim Coffee Pods: Covim Coffee Pods ESE 44

Covim coffee is a superior quality coffee. Its carefully selected beans are roasted and blended with skill and then packaged in disposable pods. The taste of Covim coffee pods is so good that you will want more even after the last cup!

Covim coffee is the best coffee Pod money can buy!

Want to shake up your day with delicious coffee? Covim coffee is produced only with 100% Arabica coffee beans of the best quality. The coffee that you find in the Saida Gusto Espresso catalog offers only top quality coffee pods: Covim coffee is roasted with care and packaged by hand, using cutting-edge and environmentally friendly packaging.

Give your kitchen a breath of fresh air by starting to buy Covim coffee pods: with a homogeneous taste and a rich cream, the pods allow you to easily prepare a delicious cup of coffee at home.

For Saida Gusto Espresso Shop Online your satisfaction is the number one priority. Our mission is to make the choice of superior coffee accessible to everyone in a way that never compromises on quality or taste!

We believe in a great tasting coffee. Covim offers a rich and special coffee, easy to use! Covim pods, ESE 44 pods and coffee pods are designed to ensure the highest quality, so you can taste the difference in every cup of coffee.

Covim cafe offers an array of delicious and convenient pod options to fit your lifestyle. Whether it's a coffee with a light taste or a dark and decisive roast, Covim has the pod that's right for you.

Discover now Caffè Gattopardo in ESE 44 pods on Saida Gusto Espresso Shop Online!

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  1. from 0,127 € per unit

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    Covim pods, Extra Blend, Format (ese 44 pods)
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    Covim pods, Gold Cream Blend, Format (ese 44 pods)
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    Covim pods, Gran Bar blend, Format (ese 44 pods)
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    Covim pods, Gold Arabica blend, Format (ese 44 pods)
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