Covim Coffee Pods, Suave Decaffeinated blend in Ese 44 format

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Covim coffee pods, Suave Decaffeinated blend in Ese 44 format

The Covim coffee pods Suave Decaffeinato blend in Ese 44 format embody the perfect union between the intense taste of Italian espresso and the lightness of a caffeine-free coffee. This special blend was created for those who wish to enjoy a sweet and creamy espresso at any time of the day, without the effects of caffeine.

Thanks to a delicate decaffeination process, Covim guarantees a caffeine content of no more than 0.10%, maintaining the aromatic richness and creaminess in the cup that characterize the best espresso coffees unchanged.< /p>

Taste and aroma in decaffeinated suave

The decaffeinated suave offers a unique tasting experience, preserving the inebriating scent and aromatic intensity of traditional coffee. Each pod is the result of a careful selection of coffees of different origins, selected, roasted and blended with skill. The individual pre-packaging of the pods ensures that the 7 grams of ground coffee, pressed and hermetically sealed between two layers of filter paper, maintain their freshness until the moment of use, guaranteeing optimal yield in the cup and an uncompromising creaminess.

Buy conveniently and safely

Purchasing ese 44 pods of the Suave Decaffeinated blend on our Ecommerce is synonymous with convenience and safety. We offer a selection of high quality Covim coffee pods, including the exclusive decaffeinated Suave, to satisfy the needs of every decaffeinated espresso lover.

Our online purchasing process is designed to be simple and transparent, with a secure payment system and reliable logistics that guarantee fast deliveries directly to your home. Discover the pleasure of a true Italian espresso with the convenience of a decaffeinated coffee, without leaving home.

  • Brand: Covim Caffè
  • System: Pods compatible with Ese 44 coffee machines, for a superior quality decaffeinated espresso.
  • Blend: Suave Decaffeinato, an ideal choice for those looking for a sweet, creamy and caffeine-free espresso coffee.
  • Intensity: Balanced, to offer a full flavor and an inebriating aroma, with almost no caffeine content.
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Coffee SystemESE 44

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