ESE 44mm Pods Verzì Caffè, Intenso blend

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ESE 44mm pods Verzì Caffè, Intenso blend: the pleasure of an authentic espresso

For fans of true Italian espresso, the ESE 44mm pods represent the ideal choice. Discover the Intenso blend of Caffè Verzì, a real sensorial journey that starts from the first sip and winds through the rich and enveloping aroma typical of the Sicilian tradition. Each pod is a concentrate of taste and quality, designed to satisfy even the most demanding palates.

The Selection of the Best Sizes

The intenso blend of Verzì Caffè is the result of a meticulous selection of the best beans. ESE 44mm pods are synonymous with quality and the guarantee of a result that always meets expectations, thanks to their compatibility with the main coffee machines of the ESE 44 system.

Quality and Ease

Choosing Verzì caffè means relying on a high quality blend, easy to use and always ready to give you a dense and creamy espresso like the one in the bar, but in the comfort of your home. Their practicality is an added value that combines with the superb quality of the coffee, for an always satisfying break.

A Unique Experience

The ese coffee pods on offer are not just a way to enjoy an excellent coffee but also represent an opportunity to immerse yourself in a unique experience. Each pod is a promise of pleasure, an invitation to indulge in a moment all to yourself, between taste and tradition.

Why choose ESE 44mm pods

Opting for ESE pods means making a conscious choice towards a product that combines tradition and innovation, intense flavor and ease of use. Choose quality, choose experience, choose convenience: choose the best coffee pods for your break.

  • Brand: Caffè Verzì
  • System: Coffee pods for ESE 44 machines, practical and easy to use for an always perfect espresso.
  • Blend: A careful selection of the best beans gives life to an intense blend, rich in taste and aroma, for true connoisseurs.
  • Intensity: A strong intensity which translates into a full-bodied, enveloping espresso, with a dense and persistent cream, ideal for starting the day with the right charge or to give yourself a break of pure pleasure.

Discover the superior quality of our ESE 44mm pods and let yourself be won over by the intensity of the Intenso blend by Verzì Caffè. Visit our ecommerce and take advantage of the exclusive offers to experience the experience of a real Italian coffee every day!

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Coffee SystemESE 44

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